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Making Straight the Paths of the Aliens

I am convinced that people who watch Dr. Who will be more friendly when the aliens finally decide to contact Earth.  

Maybe the show was really their idea in the first place - a ploy to get humans on their side, or let us know they aren’t trying to threaten us.  Either way, people who watch Dr. Who are getting it in their heads that aliens can be feeling, intelligent, witty, and loyal friends.  Granted, The Doctor resembles a human, which is automatically less threatening, but he does interact with other non-humanoid lifeforms with ease, setting an example for all of us to follow.  The Doctor’s comforting presence may be acclimatizing us to the future presence of aliens among us.

The Doctor’s insistence on non-violent methods and his genuine devotion to the human race as a whole can serve to soften human hearts to extra-terrestrial ones.  People who love The Doctor might at least stop to think before shooting something unfamiliar on sight.  He is trying to teach people, one at a time, that guns are not even close to the right answer in any situation.  

Having a friend literally in high places could open a world of possibilities.  Many people who watch Dr. Who may just be the kind of person who would welcome an alien into their life, no convincing required.  These are the adventurers, the ones who long to reach higher heights and lower depths, to probe the inner and outer reaches of their world, universe, and their own beings.  In fact, these people probably already have a bag packed and within easy reach in case just such a new friend should appear in their backyard in a mysterious blue box.  

Now, The Doctor may be great, but it is true that the reason he is so attentive to Earth is that he is protecting it from some less savoury lifeforms.  Not every alien seems to be as kind as The Doctor.  Then again, not every human is so kind either.  The meeting of the species will  be fraught with both excitement and tension - it shouldn’t be any other way.

I only hope that whoever greets the aliens first (perhaps this has already happened!) will have learned enough from our own human history of interacting with each other not to repeat the same mistakes.  Or at least that they have watched and learned from Dr. Who.

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Mood (is the word of the day)

[Despite my inconsistency throughout this “word of the day” project, I will not give up!  Really, I am just on Christmas break and have been reading blogs and submission guidelines and such all day.  Results posted below.]

A tricky sort of a thing to get in.  

It’s certainly not as simple as simply wanting to enter,
neither is it very much harder than knocking on the door.

The trouble is, knocking on the door does not guarantee that anyone will be there to answer.  Even if there is someone there, they might conceivably decide not to let you in.  Don’t look so shocked.  I’m almost positive you, yourself have done this very thing at least once in your life.

You have, at some point, conveniently forgotten to reply to some message which unhappily, for you, had managed to find its way to your Inbox through what you wished, just then, had been a more severely tangled world wide web.  

Someone sometime has called you on the phone at just the moment you were hoping no one would and instead of dutifully putting your own desires aside and answering the call, you silenced your mobile phone, or simply ignored the irritating ringer until, finally, it retreated back into a less demanding silence. You wonder, just then, whether this modern (in)convenience is worth the hefty payment you offer up each month.  

And, perish the thought, perhaps you really have been so bold as to slide down further in your easy chair which you know, if you have achieved just enough slouch in your posture, will hide you from the view of anyone peering through that little window in your front door.  Frustrated, you wonder who ever thought of putting little windows in doors anyway.  It seems, just then, to defeat the purpose of a door entirely.  

So you see, knocking, or ringing, or making a written request in and of themselves is no guarantee that you will be allowed entrance to the place which you seek.  As in the story of the persistent woman and the unjust judge, a certain not-giving-up-ness is the key.  

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Changed (is the word of the day)

I cannot escape a single moment

This moment seems to linger longer,
than that one, which quickly fades
into the realm of the unknown -
unrealized history.

But I am new today
because of yesterday,
the day before,
and the day before that,
no matter how the moments they’re comprised of
seem to cling or slip away.

You are changed too.

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Anonymous asked: Keep writing. Keep at it, duckie.

Thanks!  Will do, goosie.

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Love (is the word of the day)

Meaning that bond you have with family even when you don’t really know them that well anymore, and you have been stuck in the middle of numerous feuds, and you only get together when the matriarch turns 90 or some other such monumental event.  I think it can be all you need if you really choose it and don’t give up. 

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Muscle Memory

Of their own accord,
causing and effecting,
remembering the way
without pausing to recall
the path leading there.

Here, familiarity
breathes a sigh of relief,
not breeding contempt,
over well known places,
hills and valleys
visited before.

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Choice (is the word of the day)

It’s a fact: people have emotions.
Another fact: squelching emotions can be harmful to the person within which they reside.
A final fact: letting emotions have free reign in same said person can be equally harmful.

Denying emotions hurts and makes for a hardhearted and, I believe, ultimately fearful person.  It is not always healthy to hold yourself together, pull your own socks up or put on a brave face for the world.  Sometimes the healthiest choice is to let it all hang out.  Do this in a safe place, with safe people who love you and can help you pick up the pieces later on.  Part of “being present where you are,” a phrase I hear a lot these days (How very post modern we are.) is allowing yourself to be who you are and experience your own emotions.  Here’s where things can easily get out of control.  Note: There is a distinct difference between accepting and even embracing emotions and allowing them to control you. 

Allowing yourself you be ruled by your own emotions is just plain silly.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s an easy trap to fall into - one I have even spent some time tangled up in myself, believe it or not.  But they are YOUR emotions, you are not simply a vessel in which these emotions reside.  Being ruled by emotions leads to high highs but also low lows, an exhausting roller-coaster.  I’m not saying it’s better to just feel neutral all the time (see above), but I am saying that if you are conscious of the fact that these emotions you are feeling (I’m not denying that you are feeling them, often very strongly) are merely one part of your being AND that they are subjective and fickle at times.  Emotions can enhance experience and some of them are magnificent to behold (Even sorrow can be beautiful.  There are some sorrows in my life that I can’t help but see this way, no matter how much I want to label them “bad.”).  My advice: Enjoy emotions but be aware that they do not hold the keys to a fulfilling life and that they can only rule them if you let them.  They are YOURS, not the other way around.

It’s a tricky balance between being who you are and listening to the way your body and spirit are responding to your surroundings and also reminding yourself to be healthy and hopeful and (at least somewhat) reasonable.  I am learning this balance these days after having spent time at both extremes. 

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Thanks for submitting this friend!  Haven’t sung this song in far too long, but it’s still a true statement.  In fact, even more so these days.  You’ve inspired me to sing it again, right here, right now.  Going upstairs to fetch my uke as soon as I press…Publish!

Don’t you worry there my honey, we might not have any money, but we have our love to pay the bills…

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